One School of Performing Arts

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One School of Performing Arts (OSPA) was founded in 2015 by teachers who, in their hearts, wanted to bring Performing Arts opportunities to children in East London in a fun and safe environment.

From the very beginning we wanted to build confidence & self-esteem in children through performing arts, as well as teach the benefits of fitness and a healthy lifestyle – skills that can help children in whatever career they choose. Our teachers had access to these opportunities when they were children, which too them onto professional careers in TV, Film & Theatre. They are now committed to passing these skills and opportunities onto a new generation of performers following the IDTA syllabus.

Since 2015, we have grown our school whilst keeping our unique edge. We have refined what we do whilst also seeking new opportunities, experiences and auditions for our students. We are very proud of our qualified, skilled and diverse team, committed to teaching in a fun, safe and professional manner.

In a short time we have built a fierce but friendly reputation and kept our family ethos at the heart of everything we do. From performing at OSPA’s annual John Lewis Christmas Carol recital, winning first place in national & international Dance Competitions, entering OSPA students with 100% pass rates for their IDTA Dance & Acro exams, to OSPA’s Annual professional show, a highlight for all students.

OSPA may not be the largest Performing Arts school out there, but what we provide is a mix of styles, a committed team, great relationships between staff, students and parents,  and a personal touch that means we love what we do, and love our OSPA family.

Our goals for the future are to keep improving, keep adding to our already impressive competition record, and continuing OSPA’s 100% pass rate for the IDTA Dance & Acro exams, branching out into ABRSM & Trinity college Piano and Singing Syllabus and Exams.

To read more about our teachers, and testimonials from current students and some OSPA parents, click here . To contact us please see the details below or log into OSPA parent portal.